{free at last}

It’s gotten to the point where I’m more or less completely off crutches, giving me a certain amount of freedom (staying home alone! carrying things! racing dust mites up and down stairs!). Unfortunately, I was NOT ALLOWED to go to the beach yesterday with my parents and our three German visitors, which was très bummer. Not to worry—I spent a productive day lying on my bedroom rug and watching Seinfeld. I also finished The Maltese Falcon, but my post on that is reserved for the Book Blob and will appear this Friday.

In the immediate aftermath of surgery, I had decided that freedom from crutches would be my cut-off for postponing a job search, so, technically, I should be tracking down references right about now. Instead, I’ve continued my practice of finding jobs online that I COULD apply to, bookmarking them on my laptop, and leaving it at that. I’m currently operating under the philosophy that I can’t be rejected from jobs I don’t apply to. It’s working well so far—my self-esteem is still fairly intact. We’ll see how much longer it’ll remain so.

In other exciting book news, I ran across this little gem the other day: A Photographic History of Bromance, 1840-1918. I devoted a large amount of time and energy into verifying that yes, this is in fact a real book. Now all that remains is to wait until it appears in my local library, which likely won’t happen unless I move to a town bigger than 200,000.

During a brief respite in my current employment as chauffeur (chauffeuse?) for our three German visitors, I watched the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice and crafted last night. Despite being a die-hard fan for the 5-hour BBC P&P, I did enjoy enjoy the KK version in theaters and, later, when I procured it on DVD. Prior to last night, I hadn’t seen it for about three years, and I found myself slightly irked at various interpretations of the Austen classic. At first, I couldn’t figure out why, but I gradually came to realize that I just didn’t care for Knightley’s Lizzie. Now, I am a moderate fan of Keira (I’m planning a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon for the next time my parents go out of town), but her Lizzie seemed a tad too… je ne sais quoi. Giggly? Snide? Impetuous? My high-school memory of the novel tells me that Lizzie is to some extent all those things, but this Lizzie seemed just a little too-too. Flightly, I guess, might be the most accurate. Or immature. Something. Clearly, I’ve gotten too old and cynical to still be amused by Hollywood’s 19th-century witticisms.

What do you think? Which Austen film adaptation does the most justice? (Don’t even bother posting anything about the zombies/sea monsters parodies—I’m telling you right now I will delete it and, probably, block you from any future comments.)