It has taken me literally all summer to read Look Homeward, Angel. (And I’m still not done. Shh. This is embarrassing.) One of the myriad reasons I could choose to blame for this is that months ago, I set aside the summer to catch up on all the television series I’d been putting off during what I still refer to as the “school year.” One of these was Downton Abbey.

Even though DA is clearly so far up my alley it can’t be seen by passersby, I’d avoided indulging in it before now because all I heard was how easily you get sucked in. I, as a particularly quick-to-be-sucked-inner, just didn’t have the time (a statement proved by this blog, since before I could actually manage to read books in a respectable amount of time). As expected, the degree of sucked-innage was high, and I am now fully a DA fangirl. And like the exceptionally nerdy fangirl that I am, I sought out a book about my fandom.