{blowing through a rough patch}

So both Sunday and Monday night, I made the mistake of starting a Hunger Games book after dinner. And then did not go to sleep until I had finished. It’s been a rough couple of days.

Now that I have finished the entire HG series, I did some serious reflection slash coworker discussion today in preparation for the movie extravaganza on Friday. (And I did do a cut for this. I don’t want to risk THG fan hatred.)

  • The Hunger Games. As I’ve blogged previously, I think I’ll like the movie even better than the book, since really the best thing I got out reading it was a huge adrenaline rush. Still totally worth it. And probably even more amazing on the big screen.
  • Catching Fire. This book had more substance than the first one, I thought, but made me really crabby. The new arena was way cool, but I couldn’t get over the anxiety of sending these old victors back into certain death. And then, of course, the ending cliffhanger. Oh geez. I was not in a great mood after finishing this.
  • Mockingjay. I read this yesterday. It was weird! First of all, Katniss is basically drugged the entire time. Or, at least, in a constant cycle of fighting→injury→hospital→drugs. Second of all—dear God, is it depressing. I spent the entire book thinking, If Katniss doesn’t end up with Peeta, I’m boycotting the movie. Don’t get me wrong, i like Gale—but they just weren’t right for each other. And then when Katniss did end up with Peeta, I thought—oh no. Not like this. She just settled for him as the one who would make her least unhappy—which, you know, is how you should make that decision. Gradually, however, I came to appreciate the downer quality, because it seemed more real. Honestly—if you are 16 and thrown into an arena to fight your peers to the death for the amusement of your nation (multiple times), you are not going to end up OK. That mental and emotional damage is never going to go away. And I appreciate that Suzanne Collins had the balls to write that, rather than sugar coating it for a happy ending.

All in all, I think my favorite was the first one, just because it was the most enjoyable reading experience (PURE ADRENALINE). What did you guys think?

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  1. YES! I think I liked the first book the best because, like you said, it gave you that crazed must-keep-reading-at-all-costs feeling. I read these books almost a year ago and I remember almost nothing about the plots. I do, however, remember getting frustrated during the day because all I wanted to do was go home and keep reading.

    Can’t wait for the movie! Finally ‘fessed up to some fellow MBAs about wanting to see it and turns out I’m not the only one… haha.

    Have you checked out Goodreads? I’m obsessed with it, you can keep track of which books you’ve read, ones you want to read, favorite quotes, reviews, etc. You can also put a widget in your blog to link to Goodreads.


    • I got a Goodreads account while I was in Denver last summer, but I don’t think I’ve looked at it since… As I recall, I found it a little confusing, but I think it was still in beta at that point. I’ll recheck it out!

    • Hmm I definitely lied… It was another book site that was in beta while I was at Denver. I haven’t looked at Goodreads yet, but I will now!

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