{cold discomfort farm}

It’s been a long week, cyberfriends. Today (!!) the parents return from their 2.5-week jaunt around Morocco. Overall, the housesitting experience was good, except for the misery of last week when the house fell under a Halloween curse, causing the furnace to break and the indoor temp to plummet to 50 degrees. I spent the next four days living in a frigid wasteland, mourning the fact that the local public library appears to have lost their only copy of Cold Comfort Farm, which I need for my upcoming post on the Book Blob. Thus the title of this post (ha, ha). I hate to use a clichéd and overused meme/hashtag (do I really? That doesn’t seem right), but FIRST-WORLD PROBLEMS.

In other book news, my dear friend introduced me to this excerpt from Mindy Kaling’s new book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). Clearly, I need this book. First of all, the title is something I ask myself pretty much every day, a lovely example of girlish self-esteem. Second of all, exactly one day before reading this, my dear friend and I were having the exact same discussion of men versus boys. Although our version was much less funny and much more sad, the coincidence cannot be denied. After next weekend’s shopping trip, I’ll have to call my old boss and thank her for the B&N gift card that allowed me to indulge my inner (and outer) quarter-life neuroses while maintaining my dignity/bank account as an unemployedian.

I’m slowly but surely working my way through Death in the City of Light in my likely-doomed effort to read more nonfiction. I really do love nonfiction in a very nerdy, scholarly-research type of way, but I don’t tend to gravitate toward it at my leisure. This quest is further hampered by the fact that my long-standing library hold on Maine has finally reached its destination. I’m torn between complete excitement lasting from early July when I first saw M on the shelves of the Tattered Cover, and complete annoyance that my aforementioned hold on CCF is not so happily resolved.

Sadly, that’s really all I have for now. I will now attempt to blow through DitCoL for a big post in the very near future—then on to Maine!


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  1. Life is just a series of strange coincidences.

    You should absolutely bust out that sprouter. Also, I finally posted about my kombucha-making. Speaking of which, next time I see you I WILL bring you some of the 20 bottles of kombucha that are currently occupying my fridge.

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