{in the event of an apocalypse}

I finished The Reader last night and pretty immediately went back to the good-times book I bought in Portland a few weeks ago. Fluffy, mindless reading was in high demand post a Nazi trial read. I’ll be posting on The Reader at the Book Blob later this week.

This is a week or so late, but I came across this article in my publishing-related reading. What do you think? I am really not a huge fan of zombies, so while it would probably make my hypothetical running workouts more interesting, I probably wouldn’t invest. But then I started brainstorming interactive literature-based programs that would make me want to buy them. Here’s a preliminary list:

• Harry Potter (DUHZ)

• Oliver Twist (you’ve got to run fast when you’re a pickpocket, everyone knows that)

• The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (if the adrenaline rush I got from just reading that was any indication)

• The Magicians (ditto)

• The Wolves Chronicles (because I’m a sucker for children’s lit/period novels/mysteries)

• Agatha Christie (because WOW excitement)

Oh dear. A girl can dream.

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