{for skittles}

Well, I can’t remember the last time it took me this long to finish a book. Not that Unseen Academicals isn’t good. It is, actually, and I’m developing some very interesting theories on it, mainly because I also watched The Outsiders this week. But I’ll save that for the end review.

Perhaps it’s taken me so long to finish because I’ve been distracted by this:

1. I laugh until I cry.

2. I’m pretty much obsessed with Victorian lit anyways.

3. Is no one else impressed that the dialogue and ambiance go together so perfectly?

4. “She’s so boring. There’s nothing to her. She’s just there, like furniture.”

5. There are 5 videos.

So that’s my life as an unemployed convalescent living with my parents.

What about you? What are your favorite pop culture, multi-media, or other example of literature being used for awesome?

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