{kicking it}

Whew. Back in the trenches. By which I mean my couch.

I spent the past week visiting the bro at college (and re-experiencing the complete Bizarro World that is the American fraternity house) and then bopping around Portland, Ore. with the ‘rents. After catching myself saying, “Can we go home now? There’s nothing to spend money on at home,” I realized that I had probably blown through two months’ spending budget in three days, which, when you’re unemployed and living with your parents, is a lot to sneeze at.

But the trip wasn’t a total waste, since I did get to bond with my favorite kindergartener in boots.

Bookwise, I’m still plodding through Unseen Academicals. I did get briefly sidetracked by an impulse guilty-pleasure Powell’s purchase, but I’m forcing myself to save it for later. Except I’m already halfway through.

So, with no book news, I leave you with this article. Lengthy enough to be practically a book, and educational!

P.S. The only other big news is that almost one week ago, I applied to basically my dream job. Not only my dream job, but one that I feel quite qualified for, a practically extinct combination. So, please—good thoughts! I need this job!


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