{goal orientation}

Goodbye, weekend! Of course, unemployment + living with parents means that really the only difference between weekends and weekdays is that during the latter, my hedonistic lifestyle goes relatively uninterrupted. A blessing at times, but usually guilt-ridden.

I started reading a new book today, in the latest of what has turned into a long journey to find an appropriate Glass Castle follower. I originally had the advanced reading copy of a nonfiction work about a serial killer in Nazi Paris, but I decided I needed a bit of a pick-me-up after my TGC-induced nervous breakdown. So I turned instead to a harmless little cozy about an idyllic hamlet and its philanthropic minister. While certainly the opposite of an anxiety attack, I found it unable to maintain my interest. It actually would’ve been perfect for immediate post-surgery reading, when all I could do was lie in bed with my leg elevated, but when it competed for my attention with more strenuous physical therapy, a baby social life, Oregon football, and my first official job application work (!!!), it simply did not make the cut.

So. After some spontaneous Borders purchases with the change I scrounged out of my car after my last physical therpay appointment, You Know When the Men Are Gone has jumped to the forefront of my reading list. It’s a single-author short story collection about a present-day military base in Texas, with most of the men off in Iraq. So far it’s great! But I’ll save any other thoughts for my finished post.

In case you didn’t catch it earlier, yes, I have officially (after muuuuch procrastination) begun the job search! I spent all day today on one application, going for quality rather than quantity. Since being back with the parents doesn’t give me much of an opportunity to live beyond my limited means, one app a day isn’t bad, right? At least I have a seven-year plan clearly mapped out.

P.S. Dashiell Hammett is a boss. My post on The Maltese Falcon was posted this Friday on the Book Blob.

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