{fun things}

My physical therapy appointment today spelled a definite end to crutches! So now the job search begins… tomorrow. Today, I had more important things to do/ponder:

• If indeed I end up as an unemployable liberal arts major, at least I’m in good literary company. Sadly, the only work on that list that I’ve read is Bartleby, the Scrivener, and I actually forgot that it was Melville until I Wikipedia’d it just now. Ah humanity!

• Would that I had a job that paid me to do this. That would, I suppose, be known as my life right now + money.

The Glass Castle is the biggest page-turner I’ve read in a while, but makes me anxious pretty much all the time. I’ll do a full post on it once I’ve finished (probably tomorrow), but suffice it to say that it makes me extremely nervous about my projected future as a responsible and successful adult. I also stayed up much too late last night reading it, which doesn’t help my nerves come the morn.

• Yesterday, my favorite student from last year passed on a message to me of “hi a million times”! Brightened my day so much that I crushed our three German visitors at Apples to Apples later that night due to my increased hilarity.


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