{what i like about boogs}

During my daily perusal of the Publishers Lunch e-newsletter, I was thrilled to see that one of my favorite blogs has just signed a book deal. Bangable Dudes in History (subtitle: “Dead man porn for your still-beating heart) is a hilarious and not-so-family-friendly blog that I, a history minor in college, very much enjoy nerding out to. Congratulations, blogger Megan, on your upcoming book!

This may be a controversial opinion, but I am quite a fan of the trending blog-books, or “boogs,” as I’ve decided to call them. Looking over my blogroll (highlights of which I include in the “Other Things I Like” page on this site), several of them have spawned books. Obviously PostSecret has several; Dear Old Love and hipster puppies also recently published. And then, of course, there’s the more “legitimate” books that began as blogs—Julie and Julia and A Homemade Life come to mind.

As a bit of an Internet junkie (umm, duh—I have a blog), I find these boogs to be fun (often hilarious) snippets of human experience (like PS and DOL) or random facts and photos (like BDiH and hp). Now we seem to be moving beyond the blogging world and into any online viral trend that surfaces—for who could resist Boo, Facebook’s cutest dog?

What do you think? Are boogs cool or annoying? What blogs would you like to see made into boogs?

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