{i want cake}

Well, it’s been a good week of physical therapy and doctor’s appointments. I just got back from 4 hours at the orthopedics center, during which I found out that my immediate quad atrophy after tearing my ACL almost 4 months ago was totally normal, improved my mobility by 12 degrees, and got my sutures removed! BFD. Amiright?

Now I’m off for a weekend at my gramma’s sans internet while the rents take my little brother back to college. I don’t have to go (yay! last time I went was 3 months after grad and everyone thought I was a matriculating freshman, which was depressing on at least 2 separate levels), but for my mother, still on crutches equals can’t take care of self. She’s probably right.

So while I’m gone for the next few days (and reading Ellen Foster, which I started today in the waiting room and is pretty dang good so far), throw a party for all these amazing kids’ books’ birthdays!

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